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Saisy Professionals GmbH is a leading licensed recruitment agency based in Germany that specializes in providing skilled and qualified international health professionals, students, hospitality, and skilled workers to organizations across the globe. Founded in 2019 by Mr. Jason Heinen and Ms. Rushiell Ann Santoyo, Saisy Professionals GmbH is committed to ethical, fair, and transparent recruitment practices under both local and international recruitment standards. Our team of experienced recruiters works tirelessly to source, screen, and match the best talent for our clients' businesses. We recruit skilled workers from countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Egypt, Tunisia, and many more.

Our commitment to ethical recruitment practices has earned us recognition and awards, including the RAL-Quality Certification Seal for fair and ethical recruitment for foreign nurses to Germany. Saisy Professionals GmbH has also been mentioned in various press releases in Germany and abroad, recognizing us as an award-winning employer for our staff. Our IT team has won the German Web award, and we take pride in providing exceptional service delivery to our clients.

In addition to physical therapists and nurses, Saisy also recruits AI robots that assist with administrative nursing tasks. These robots have proven to be highly effective at reducing the workload of nurses and enabling them to focus on more critical patient care duties.


One of the factors that set Saisy Professionals GmbH apart is our own German Language Online Learning Platform and our Online NCLEX Preparation Training Platform. These resources enable us to provide international workers with the necessary tools to meet German language and nursing certification requirements.

Our team works closely with organizations to understand their unique recruitment challenges, and we leverage our vast experience and expertise to provide custom solutions that address those challenges. We believe that our success is deeply rooted in our ability to attract, retain and develop top talent. We are passionate about developing and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with our candidates, and we work hard to create a supportive and empowering environment that encourages continuous growth and development.

As a licensed recruitment agency in Germany, we adhere to strict ethical guidelines and maintain transparency and fairness in all our dealings with clients and candidates. Our recruitment processes are designed to be efficient, effective, and compliant with all relevant regulations and standards. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your organization's success. Trust Saisy Professionals GmbH to be your trusted partner for businesses seeking access to top talent, for we are committed in connecting talents with opportunities.


Saisy Professionals GmbH abides by ethical principles and standards when recruiting international nurses, with the aim of protecting their rights and preventing exploitation. The W.H.O Code of Conduct includes provisions such as ensuring transparency in recruitment processes, providing accurate information to nurses about the terms and conditions of employment, and avoiding the use of recruitment fees that would burden the nurse. The I.L.O guidelines emphasize similar principles, including the need to ensure that nurses are recruited in a fair and transparent manner and that their rights and welfare are protected throughout the recruitment process. By adhering to these standards, Saisy Professionals GmbH demonstrates its commitment to ethical and responsible recruitment practices.

Saisy Professionals GmbH maintains its own ONLINE language school with licensed tutors and awards hundreds of free scholarships to qualified international nurses and teach them the German language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at the B1 B2 German level and to prepare it for language testing at a recognized examination center.

Saisy Professionals GmbH supports an operational integration concept of the employer.

Our fees/costs for our service offers are transparent on our website as well as in our general terms and conditions.



1)    „WHO Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel”

2)    Beschäftigungsverordnung

3)    General principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment (ILO)

4)    Employer Pays Principle

5)    IRIS Standard


Management of international staff who are aligned with national goals and contribute to national development and economic prosperity, with the aim of responsible administration, professionalism and continuous striving for excellent service.



Our expertise includes support in hiring the best candidates in the Philippines, Balkans & South America from qualified, semi-skilled workers to professional and managerial positions. Saisy Professionals GmbH works for progressive multidisciplinary companies. We research, identify, evaluate and connect them with clear people and are among the best with their special discipline and area of ​​expertise, for which we feel obliged to find first-class experts for our first-class international customers.


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Telemarketing

  • Commercial Ads on print media

  • Online Job Portals

  • Recruitment in the provinces

  • Events



  • Background investigation

  • Employment verification

  • Visa applications

  • Integration seminars on site

  • Language Certificates Telc German B1-B2


To be the leading customer-centric company in the international human resources industry in terms of satisfied employees, competent candidates and a range of excellent standards, leadership and integrity that offer services that meet the expectations of employers and employees.



Saisy Philippines Team - Team Building 2022

Recruitment & Countries of Deployment

Saisy Professionals GmbH has expanded its broad network through extensive international marketing campaigns. In our talent pool we offer highly qualified specialists from 7 countries.

  • Philippines

  • South America

  • India

  • Thailand 

  • Vietnam

  • Egypt

  • Tunesia


Countries of use:


  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • USA

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility As part of the company's social responsibility. Saisy Professionals GmbH a company that is known for its strong sense of corporate social responsibility and its commitment to sustainability and the responsibility of the community, for itself, its stakeholders, and the public. In this way, we can include the economic, social, and ecological awareness of employees and society.



Range of Services

  • Candidate selection (large talent pool)

  • Interviews on site or online via Skype

  • Registration with the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency)

  • Language training in German A1-B2 through our own language schools in the Philippines

  • Close cooperation with language schools in Europe

  • Integration courses / preparatory seminars Preparation for the knowledge test in their home country

  • Translations Registration for the recognition process

  • Travel and health insurance before entering Germany

  • Pick UP service at the airport

  • Assistance in finding accommodation

  • Authorities (Germany / Philippines) Monitoring and support during the approval process Monitoring, reporting 4x a year to the POEA (Philippines only)

  • Integration courses as required in Germany



our team

Small teams can create great things in business. Big things are based on ideas that can grow and thrive thanks to an open, flexible, and modern work environment.


Saisy Professionals GmbH is not an ordinary business. Everything we do is done in close collaboration with a multicultural team from Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Onboard are people from 10 nations.


Saisy Professionals GmbH is driven by passion and multicultural diversity.


Jason Heinen

Jason Heinen


Rushiell Ann Santoyo

Rushiell Ann Santoyo


Ella Pochert

Ella Pochert

Global Business Development Manager Onboarding

Fatima Quiñones

Fatima Quiñones

Global Business Development Manager - Finance

Lianne Grace Pancha

Lianne Grace Pancha

Global Business Development Manager - Talents

Sheena Morata

Sheena Morata

Global Business Development Manager - Education

Maria Douleen Schwenke

Maria Douleen Schwenke

Global Business Development Manager Integration

Ronald Makabenta

Ronald Makabenta

Business Development Manager – Social Media, Marketing & Applications

Dennis Chavez

Dennis Chavez

Business Development Manager – IT Database

Shauna Kathleen Cuevas

Shauna Kathleen Cuevas

Business Development Manager – South East Asia

Danica Allyson Tecson

Danica Allyson Tecson

Business Development Manager – Asia

Leochelle Ann Cabulanan

Leochelle Ann Cabulanan

Business Development Manager – Africa

Anjell Yves Legarda

Anjell Yves Legarda

Business Development Manager – North & South America

Claudine Bianca Ching-Tan

Claudine Bianca Ching-Tan

Business Development Manager – Hospitality

Jay-Mark Heinen

Jay-Mark Heinen


Martina Werners

Martina Werners

HR Officer

Isabelle Werners

Isabelle Werners

HR Assistant

Isabel Janine Prümers

Isabel Janine Prümers

Onboarding Assistant

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