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Rushiell Ann Santoyo
Jason Heinen

The year 2020 marked a major turning point for societies in the world. Along with the challenges what Covid19 brought to people’s lifestyle and workstyles, as well as medical, educational, and other social systems as a whole underwent major changes.

Through these changes, we have experienced the great value of digital technologies. These digitally spurred social changes are most likely to continue from now on.

We would like to see Saisy Professionals GmbH stand at the center and be the driver of these dynamic changes in the recruitment industry.

As a young company founded in 2019, we have seen much change over the past 2 years.

For example:

We have nearly quadrupled our workforce.

We have become the one of the leading recruitment agencies to mediate nurses from around the Globe to Germany.

We have established a State-of-the-Art Online Language Platform

We have expanded our presence globally; we now have major clients and partners in Europe, South America, South East Asia, Middle East, India and South Africa.

It is also important to note what has not changed during the pandemic, namely our commitments to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values:

Excellence in Everything, Leadership by Example, Integrity and Transparency, focus on the Client and Employee Centered.

At the end of our statement, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to our team, our clients, candidates and partners for their indefinite support and constant trust.

We also send our gratitude and appreciation to all the executive teams of the Company for their dedication and constant efforts to lead, execute and accomplish the Company's operations with all creativity and leadership, and for their constant compliance with the mission and vision of "Saisy Professionals Gmbh and Saisy Global Staffing Corporation" through the strategic plans laid down to fulfill the goals and aspirations of our valuable clients, candidates, and partners.

Peace and blessings of God upon you.

Message from the CEO and Founders
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Saisy Professionals GmbH is a private recruitment company, founded in Konstanz, Germany in 2019 and has become one of the leading recruitment agency for International nurses, in Germany.


We mediate medical professionals from the Philippines, India, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia and from the Balkan States to Germany and Switzerland.


Our quality assurance is based on the recognition of the importance of a systematic program for the selection and placement of human resources, which enables us to ascertain important details of our customers' personnel requirements and in return give us the opportunity to customize the services we offer.


We are providing recruitment and consultation services worldwide and we are committed to strict compliance with the following guidelines and standards:


• WHO Nursing Recruitment Guidelines

• IRIS Standards

• International Labor Organization (ILO)

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Missions and Visions


Management of international staff who are aligned with national goals and contribute to national development and economic prosperity, with the aim of responsible administration, professionalism and continuous striving for excellent service.


To be the leading customer-centric company in the international human resources industry in terms of satisfied employees, competent candidates and a range of excellent standards, leadership and integrity that offer services that meet the expectations of employers and employees.

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Our Commitment to fair and ethical recruitment

We recruit nursing staff from third countries in strict compliance with the WHO guidelines for international recruitment of nursing staff.

We consider the guidelines in the home countries and work with experienced licensed partners.

Saisy Professionals GmbH organizes, coordinates and supervises the entire placement process. 

We take care of all bureaucratic matters on-site in the home country and in Germany. Your employees will be optimally prepared on-site for their assignments in your company, together with our program partners.

We participate in the seal of quality certification program – "Fair Recruitment Care Germany" of the Kuratorium Deutscher Altershilfe.

Our services is 100% free for all candidates.

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Our Services and Operational Capability

Our wide range of services throughout the entire recruitment process including:


•Management Consultation

•Social Media Marketing

•Recruitment Management

•HR Outsourcing

•Data Processing Management

•Online Language Training

•Education Management

•Relocation Management

•Conflict Management

•Project Management

•Integration Management

•Customer Loyalty Management

•Personal Development Management

We ensure the highest standards of quality and comfort for both client personnel and candidates.

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Our German Online Language Training

We have our own Online Language School with licensed tutors.

We are interconnected worldwide and live-in times of globalization. Being able to speak the German language and perhaps a few scraps of medical terminology is no longer enough in many companies nowadays.

 Both privately and professionally, it is an advantage to speak the language in the country we work.

Our online platform with live tutors, include videos with lectures, class materials such as online text files and tests, and relevant texts and worksheets for studying the German language.

These materials are free for our students to take advantage of while studying a language online.

Digitalization means that we can learn more and more flexibly, regardless of time or location.

Saisy Professionals offers hundreds of scholarships, additional financial support to students from several countries.

With our online language courses, language learning has never been easier!

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Our Team

Saisy Professionals prides itself on operational excellence which can be directly attributed to our competent and diverse multicultural team.


We work hard to ensure we recruit the right person for the job, and through our individual performance management processes evaluate and develop the capability and competence of our people. Our core values of excellence, innovation, integrity, leadership, respect and teamwork underpin the way we work together to provide our clients and candidates with quality and safe services.


We value our employees, not just what they do, but for the way they do it and we demonstrate our appreciation through our reward and recognition schemes.


Saisy Professionals and Saisy Global Staffing team are passionate about their work.

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Onboarding will gain the same status as recruitment within the world of HR.

We treat our candidates like our own team and value them from the start.


 A successful onboarding program not only helps new hires feel like they’re part of the team.


They’ll also better understand the process and how their role contributes to the overall success of every business.

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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility as part of the company's social responsibility.

Saisy Professionals GmbH a company that is known for its strong sense of corporate social responsibility and its commitment to sustainability and the responsibility of the community, for itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

In this way, we can include the economic, social, and ecological awareness of employees and society.

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Small teams can create great things in business.

Big things are based on ideas that can grow and thrive thanks to an open, flexible, and modern work environment.

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