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The hospitality industry offers a wide range of opportunities, always associated with different tasks and activities. The prospect of a long-term career in the hospitality industry thereby attracts more and more people to the hospitality sector. In addition to training as a cook, waiter, and hotel specialist, the profession of bartender, for example, also offers a long-term perspective on the job market. Anyone who enjoys working with other people and is a team player has the basic prerequisites for a career in the hospitality sector. However, a career in the hospitality industry can also be very draining and exhausting.

"A food service operation is only as good as its employees", experienced restaurateurs tell us. Only when everyone works hand in hand is it possible to ensure smooth operations. Many young people are particularly interested in training as a chef or hotel manager. However, the task during vocational training does not have to be limited to just one subarea for a long time.
In the catering trade, flexibility is the be-all and end-all.

Not only do new tasks have to be mastered on a daily basis and a wide range of activities have to be done justice to, but stress also has to be dealt with. The catering profession is sometimes the most stressful occupational sector in Germany. In addition to a lot of stress, many overtime hours also await caterers.

Specialists in gastronomy find employment primarily in gastronomic businesses, e.g. cafés, restaurants or restaurant chains, bars, canteens or catering firms, in hotels with a catering area, in the leisure industry, and on cruise ships; In addition, they also find employment in the healthcare sector, e.g. in rehabilitation clinics with a restaurant area, and in retail companies with attached gastronomy

Saisy Professionals GmbH also places international professionals for the catering industry according to the same principles for ethical, fair, and transparent placement.
Our clients are well-known hotel groups, restaurants, and health care facilities in Germany.
If you are an applicant with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant/Tourism Management or a NC3 (TESDA) Hotel and Management / House Keeper, then you have come to the right place.

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We are looking forward to your application.

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