Fast Track Recruitment Process for all Candidates

The fast track recruitment process ( Beschleinigtes Anerkennungsverfahren) comes in line with the New Skilled Immigration Act Paragraph 16 a, which took effective this year March 2020.We offer this to all our clients. With this your employer needs to agree with this procedure because it cost them more compare to the normal procedure.

Uniklinik Essen already agrees to apply this also for all their candidates.

With all other clients we are in negotiations but we are looking forward for a very positive response.

The process will be done by our cooperation partner DeFa. DeFa is an agency project supported by the health ministry in Germany to establish a faster mediation.

They work is to help private agencies to process the documents more faster. In line with this the documents of your spouses, children will be included.

The problem here is still the POEA Clearance. But with our demand letter. ARTA is establishing a better and faster process from the Philippine side.

In the next weeks Franz Mina will collect all necessary documents for this procedure.

We have clarified this procedure also for Mexico and the Balkan Region.

Therefore we will apply it for all candidates.

Saisy is doing its best to optimize recruitment procedures so that you will be able to fullfill the expected date of arrival in Germany.

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