Thank you!

Dear successfully hired candidates.

Thank you for being patience and understanding of the current situation with the Ben Europe Plattform.

You all doing great in studying the German Language.

Our Team is doing its best to provide you with good learning materials from Telc. We have created the learning plattform in almost 1.5 week.

Special thanks to Divine, Joanne and Ronald who worked hard and give their best to keep the timeframe we have set together.

Also special thanks to Sheena and Rachelle in providing you extra tutor hours during the development of the plattform.

We are organizing in the second week of September the A1 Exam for all candidates who finished the A1 Level. You will receive a Certificate from Saisy under the Common European Framefork of Reference for Languages ( CEFR).

For this we will post a collection of exercises for the Exam.

At present the Telc Centers are closed due to the pandemic.

Keep motivated!

Warm regards,

The Saisy Team

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