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Saisy Professionals GmbH- International nursing staff from third countries

We recruit nursing staff from third countries in strict compliance with the WHO guidelines for the international recruitment of nursing staff (WHO Negative List).

We take into account the guidelines in the home countries and work with experienced licensed partners.

Saisy Professionals GmbH organizes, coordinates, and supervises the entire placement process. We take care of all bureaucratic matters on-site in the home country and in Germany. Your new employees will be optimally prepared on-site for their assignment in your company, together with our program partners.

Saisy Recruitment  Process


approx. 12 - 15 months until entry


1.    Consultation and Signing of the GTC (1 month) 

2. Pre-selection of qualified candidates according to their requirement profile 14 days 

3.  Presentation and Selection of candidates 14 days  

4. Language training up to B1 / B2 in (6-8 months) home country according to CEFR & preparation for assignment in home country 

5.  Entry (8. to max 12. month)

6.  Accompaniment adaptation measure (6-8 months) 

7.  Integration

*Through our Scholarship Program, we can introduce you to highly qualified candidates who already have a B1 or B2 certificate. This can significantly shorten the placement process.


Consultation and Signing of the GTC

Pre-selection according to requirement profile
14 days

Selection and employment contract

Language training B1/B2/ preparation home country 
6-10 months


Concept/Quarantine/ Administrative procedures 12-15 months

Accompaniment during the adaptation period 6-12 months/Integration




© Saisy Professionals GmbH

The  Cost


Comprehensive service: 10.000 EUR plus 2.500 EUR language training incl. exam.

Payable 40% after candidate selection and conclusion of an advanced employment contract. 50% after successful entry.

10% after passing the probationary period.

(Please note that Saisy Professionals GmbH does not charge any

fees to its candidates. We have a strict "NO FEE POLICY".)

The price includes:

  • Individual consultation

  • Creation of a candidate profile

  • Selection and screening of candidates

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Registered nurse in home country

  • At least 2 years of professional experience in nursing

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