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 Placement for Foreign nurses


SAISY Professionals has specialized in the placement of foreign nurses for Germany and Switzerland. Our specialists have the usual university education and speak German at an advanced level. Whether it is the placement of Filipino nurses, placement for Mexican nurses, or placement for Vietnamese nurses - with our support you can fill vacancies in your care company.


Solution for lack of nurses through the placement of foreign nurses


According to a study by the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Cologne, Germany will lack around 307,000 nurses in inpatient care by 2035, due to demographic change. The total number is estimated to be 500,000 skilled workers. Using the placement of Filipino nurses, placement for Mexican nurses, and placement for Vietnamese nurses at an early stage helps you to successfully counter the shortage of skilled workers and to ensure smooth business operations. When it comes to recruiting foreign nurses, you can choose between fully qualified specialists with a university degree that is customary in the country and a talent pool who can complete nursing training in Germany and Switzerland.


Nursing staff from abroad


We adhere to the WHO Global Code of Conduct for the International Recruitment of Health Professionals.










Nursing Professionals


Uncomplicated foreign nursing staff placement


Our full-service approach to recruiting foreign nurses aims to make the recruiting process straightforward for you. We take care of the placement of Filipino nurses, the placement for Mexican nurses as well as the placement for Vietnamese nurses in addition to the selection of applicants for all formalities. This includes, for example, translations by accredited translation agencies, applications for the recognition of foreign training qualifications, obtaining visas, work permits, flight tickets and insurance. Our services relating to the placement of foreign nurses also include the search for a suitable apartment, the pick-up from the airport, and the accompaniment in all-important administrative procedures in Germany and Switzerland. We reliably support your HR department in clarifying all organizational questions and are available as a competent contact person in all details relating to the placement of Filipino nurses, placement of Mexican nurses, and placement for Vietnamese nurses.

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  • Individual advice

  • HR support

  • Highly qualified nursing staff & IT specialists

  • Bachelor and master degrees

  • Several years experience

  • Well-prepared candidates

  • Talent pool

  • Organization & accompaniment interview

  • Assessment outsourcing

  • Monitoring of the procurement process

  • Language training (blended learning), Goethe and Telc language certificate B1 / B2 German

  • Own tutors/candidate support

  • Preparation for recognition procedures in the home country

  • Accreditation (POEA. Philippines)

  • Translations (accredited translation agencies)

  • Application for the recognition process

  • Integration training on-site and in the home country

  • Preparation for work in Germany (virtual training / 1: 1 supervision)

  • Visa procurement/work permit

  • Assistance in finding accommodation

  • Air ticket and insurance

  • Pick UP service and dealing with authorities

  • Assistance in the preparation of the knowledge test

  • Monitoring and reporting (POEA)

  • Advice and support for the team

  • Recruitment projects

  • Further support and advice during employment

Are you looking for qualified nursing?

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SAISY PROFESSIONALS GmbH has a large network of specialized service providers and consultants who perfectly complement our competencies.

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The teaching of language and specific nursing skills

The placement for foreign nurses is geared towards a long-term perspective. All applicants are evaluated in a complex selection process with regard to their professional qualifications and soft skills. Our work in the field of placement of foreign nurses includes several hours of preparation time in our own online language school by experienced tutors from Germany and the Philippines. The good education of the applicants, including information about important laws in Germany and Switzerland as well as about local hygiene standards, ensures that the specialists are able to cope with the foreign culture right from the start. As part of the placement of Filipino nurses, Mexican nurses, and Vietnamese nurses, our applicants acquire in-depth knowledge of the German language through online blended learning and achieve language level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages". You can understand complex issues and express yourself well on your own. From language level A2 onwards, we teach specific technical terms of clinical terminology. 50 units of basic care and 50 units of diagnostics, therapy, and use of common medical devices round off the intensive preparation. Reliable proof of language skills for foreign nursing staff is provided by acquiring the recognized TELC language certificate.

B2 Lernmaterial & Online Klassen mit Liv
B2 Lernmaterial & Online Klassen mit Liv

Saisy Online Learning
Saisy Online Learning

COVID19 Saisy
COVID19 Saisy

B2 Lernmaterial & Online Klassen mit Liv
B2 Lernmaterial & Online Klassen mit Liv




We train our candidates linguistically up to B2 language level German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and here we are guided by the Telc language certificate.



With our specially developed integration concept, we combine our language units with additional booklets for listening and reading and thus convey additional information about the culture of Germany and Switzerland.

Nursing/ Recognition:


From the end of language level A2, we start with clinical terminology. Candidates are trained in 50 basic care units. There are also 50 learning units in diagnostics and therapy, as well as handling common medical devices. Learning units on law and hygiene complete our range of courses.


Our candidates are optimally prepared for the knowledge test in their home country.

Good support - the key to success

We consider good preparation and support on both sides - nurses and future employers - in the placement of foreign nurses as the key to success. Our multicultural team is made up of 10 different nationalities. Misunderstandings due to language barriers do not even arise and any problems can be resolved within a short time.
The placement of Filipino nurses, the placement of Mexican nurses, and the placement of Vietnamese nurses also require your team to be willing to integrate. If you can imagine successfully mastering the challenge with our help, you should contact us.

We look forward to being able to support you in filling vacancies through our foreign nursing staff


COVID - 19

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), SAISY PROFESSIONALS ensured that the recommendations and decisions of the German and local governments and their respective health authorities were implemented in good time. We want to assure you that the health and safety of our candidates, our employees and partners is always our top priority.


We continue to coordinate the recruitment processes with our program partners and the authorities involved under the given and special circumstances (recruitment processes, language training, visa procurement, entry, etc.). We are constantly adapting to the frequently changing situation in the countries involved. Our office and that of our local recruiting partners are still functional. The SAISY TEAM and its partners are available for your concerns and will continue to be available to answer your questions.